Episode 12: Nigel Evan Dennis

Mar 11, 2014

Nigel Evan Dennis is a creative jack-of-all-trades; a talented musician, artist, and designer. Friends since high school, Nigel joins Chuck to talk about his musical upbringing, early influences both sonically & visually, the not-so-glamorous early days of his design career to the jam-packed client list he's built, and creating exhaustive, admittedly obsessive personal projects for complex TV shows such as 'Game of Thrones' and 'True Detective' which have led to widespread acclaim and interactions with the shows stars and creators.
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Episode 11: Ryan + Tina Essmaker

Feb 18, 2014

Ryan & Tina Essmaker are one of the most creative couples you'll ever meet. In episode 11 they talk with Chuck about the transition from Michigan to New York, the risks & sacrifices they've made to make their passions their careers, and 'The Great Discontent' which began in 2011 as a website featuring interviews with people they admired that has rapidly grown over the last 3 years into one of the most beloved entities in the creative world. While recording this interview, Ryan & Tina were in the midst of raising money via Kickstarter to take TGD from web to print after recently leaving their dayjobs to pursue it full-time.
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Episode 10: David Allen

Feb 14, 2014

David Allen is an world-renown tattoo artist from Chicago whose work grows more popular and in-demand seemingly by the minute. David joins Chuck in Chicago for the first live & in-person Life + Limb interview to talk about his humble beginnings as a tattoo apprentice, his growth as an artist, working in a regular shop versus a private studio, being a father, learning to paint, and much more.
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Episode 9: The Hood Internet

Feb 11, 2014

Aaron Brink & Steve Reidell of Chicago-based DJ duo The Hood Internet join Chuck to talk about making music mashups, touring as DJs compared to touring in a band, ska, doing random side projects for fun and having them lead to serious rewards, the issue of stealing versus sampling, and much more.
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Episode 8: Jeremy Cowart

Feb 4, 2014

Jeremy Cowart is a Nashville-based artist, photographer, humanitarian, and entrepreneur, among many other things. In episode 8, Jeremy talks with Chuck about growing up in the south, making the unexpected transition from a design career to photography, celebrity photo shoot horror stories and pleasant surprises, his wide range of personal projects from non-profits to apps, and much more.
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Episode 7: Benjamin Edgar

Jan 27, 2014

On Episode 7, Chuck is joined by long-time friend Benjamin Edgar. Ben is a man of many talents and passions: co-creator of THE BRILLIANCE!, founder of Boxed Water, an entrepreneur-in-residence at StartGarden - an early stage venture capital fund, and a designer of many things including his clothing label BENJAMIN EDGAR. Chuck & Ben discuss skipping college, the many ways the internet has affected our lives, travel, and living a constantly changing life that is never quite settled yet always interesting.
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Episode 6: Benny Gold

Jan 15, 2014

Graphic designer, entrepreneur, father, success story. Benny Gold in a nutshell. It doesn't take long for Benny's story & words of wisdom to rub off, making you want to work harder and make the most of the time you've got in this life. Benny chats with Chuck about his upbringing, schooling, his journey to San Francisco, his unexpected path to success, and all the amazing people he's collaborated with over the years that make Benny Gold the incredible brand that it is today.
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Episode 5: James White

Jan 8, 2014

Happy new year! The first guest of 2014 is the uniquely talented and charismatic artist James White. Hailing from Nova Scotia, James talks with Chuck about his travels around the world speaking & sharing his work, his passion for all things 80's, dealing with doing what you love for a living and balancing growing tired of it vs. staying motivated.
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